West End & Wolseley Home Show

This spring I tried my hand at event planning. I then quickly realized that it’s not my forte and that it’s a TON of work. So I got my good friend at Peachy Green Eco Events on board and away we went, planning the first West End & Wolseley Home Show!

I love this area and this community. The spirit of the folks in this city always astounds me, and West Enders are no exception. They work hard, play hard, have a strong sense of family and community, and are always looking for ways to improve. The events that are constantly popping up are a testament to this.

I always tell my clients why I love this “suburb of Wolseley” as it’s sometimes called, well, at least by me… We have diversity of homes in many shapes and colours, and watching them rise in curb appeal and value is a joy. A lot of the homeowners around here are first timers, or folks with families that are thrilled to have their first home, and take such pride in it, and it makes the community even better. EVERYONE seems to have pets! The amount of neighbours I know based on their pets makes me laugh constantly. My husband will ask, as I wave to a neighbour, what their name is, and I’ll reply “Oh, that’s Spicy’s mom!” Truly, though. I can take my dog for a short walk and see several families playing, other dogs being walked, the most gorgeous canopy of trees up above, lots of mini pop-up libraries on front fences, and the restaurants! Oh, the restaurants. It’s becoming a problem for me, and my lack of willpower, to have so many incredible places to eat all over the West End area! Oh, and it’s affordable!

Wolseley is well known for it’s rich sense of culture and community, and I can go on waxing romantic about it ad nauseum as well. Wolseley’s awesome. We know this.

My litte pipe dream was to put on a community event that would build up relationships and local businesses in two areas of Winnipeg that I adore so much, and it was a total success!

We had a trade-show type feel with vendors from local businesses with anything to do with buying, selling, or renovating real estate. We had everything from a REALTOR®/Decorator (shocker… that’d be me) and mortgage specialist, to contractors/trades and renovators, to people selling eco-friendly products for cleaning and decorating your home, with much in between! We also managed to get Jonnie’s sticky buns to provide mini buns and coffee for everyone. What’s more, I managed to keep from eating all of said buns myself. Then, of course, we needed music. Cue Buffy Cowtan & Alan Wong with their guitars and beautiful voices, and we’ve got an event! It came together in just over a month! Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

All in all, 60 people came out for our wee event. Businesses booked future clients, people had a great time, and we have lots of great suggestions and ideas for how to make this an annual event that just gets better each year! So keep your eyes peeled, folks. The West End & Wolseley Home Show will be back again!