I am a storyteller at heart. I am a published author with a passion for captivating narratives, and I strive to provide valuable content to my clients. Be it for marketing purposes for homes, businesses or communities, grant applications, short video scripts, silly-yet-poignant blog posts or more serious articles, I enjoy working with the written word.

I take things personally! I like to build relationships in all that I do, and writing is no exception. Would you like to collaborate? Do you need a guest host or post on your blog or podcast? Let’s chat! I thrive on joining forces with fellow writers, editors and industry professionals to create meaningful and compelling content.

I’ve written articles for CBC, WordPress, real estate blogs, and Medium.com. I’m also very proud to have my first book published with Great Plains Press, entitled “Chasing Baby – An Infertility Adventure”, which has received great reviews.

Using humour and vulnerability, I like to spark conversation, move hearts, help educate, and leave a lasting impression. Don’t take my word for it – check out some of my work!

My book is available here, as well as anywhere books are sold.


"Exceptionally well written and laced with dark humor, Chasing Baby: An Infertility Adventure, by Morwenna Trevenen is a raw, sarcastic, informative, recognizable, true-live account of the struggles of growing up, dealing with infertility, fertility treatments, and the adoption process."

–Julie Summers, Midwest Book Review

"In this page-turner about trying to become a parent, Morwenna Trevenen tells her story... But you don't need to have experienced these troubles firsthand - or even be a parent - to get caught up in this excruciating, wonderful story."

–Marsha Lederman, The Globe & Mail